Review: Sportsheets Sport Cuffs in Black

Type: Restraint Play
Manufacturer: Sportsheets
Material: neoprene, nylon, metal, velcro
Color: black
Price: $24.99

Pros: comfortable, removable clip makes it easy to change positions and/or locations, lightweight, versatility
Cons: chemical smell right out of package, concern of material where O-rings attach after long term use or rougher play

Clear plastic, clam shell. The insert has a picture of a woman with the cuffs on and a man behind her. The packaging states what the enclosed item is and that it’s for restraint play. It is obviously a sex toy. The back of the insert, it states the materials and available colors. It also shows the clip and says it’s easily moveable. The clam shell is pretty flimsy as mine cracked on the side not too long after receiving; it could be used as storage with extreme care. It is recyclable.

Wipe down with a damp cloth. They can easily be stored in a drawer though the Velcro may get stuck to some items.

The sport cuffs are made of a soft, cushy neoprene which warms to the body. The nylon and Velcro straps make it adjustable. Each cuff has a metal O-ring. One of the cuffs has a one sided clip therefore it will always be attached, even if you use the cuffs separate from each other. When the cuffs are connected to one another, there is approximately 4.75” between them…not too much room for movement, which is the point!! sent me the Sportsheets Sport Cuffs in black. While these are also available in purple and red, Pink Cherry Toys does not have these two colors. The cuffs are designed for the wrists and ankles and are fully adjustable through nylon and Velcro straps. I have super tiny wrists and have a difficult time finding anything that is small enough. However, these adjust to my wrist size perfectly AND are tight!! There is some excess to the Velcro straps but I’m thrilled they fit me! The neoprene material on the inside is what actually touches your body. It is soft and provides a small amount of cushion; it also warms to the body’s temperature.

The Sportsheets Sport Cuffs provide gentler ease the curious into this type of restraint play. For the more experienced BDSM folks, this is a softer cuff. I wouldn’t suggest these for extremely rough play as the materials don’t provide a totally inescapable experience. This may be a positive for those who are concerned with the inability to escape and/or beginners who are a little unsure.

I like the Sportsheets Sport Cuffs. They achieve a difficult task of fitting my wrists. I’m not a fan of metal cuffs as the rarely fit but they also leave bruises that are not acceptable in my professional life. I like the feel, fit and versatility of the Sport Cuffs. The fact they can be attached to each other or used separate is a big plus too!

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**This product was provided free of charge by Sex Toys in exchange for my honest opinion**

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  1. damn u look hot in cuffs! ;)

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