Review: Silky Cyberskin Dildo in Blue

Type: Dildo
Manufacturer: Vibratex
Material: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)
Color: Blue
Price: $49.99

Pros: harness compatible, bendable, water and silicone based lube compatible, pack AND play
Cons: can’t be sterilized, lint magnet, lots of drag

Clear plastic box. The Silky comes in a plastic bag inside the box. It is not discreet but the box can be used for storage.

DO NOT BOIL!!! Use soap and water to clean. Store in a plastic bag to help keep lint and dust at bay.

The Silky is made of TPE, which is phthalate free and body safe. It has a very squishy feel to it. There is a flexible rod through the shaft of the dildo which allows it to be bent. The rod does not extend all the way through the head, it leaves about ½” at the end. There are raised veins and a it has bulbous head. The finish is matter which produces a lot of drag so be sure to use lots of lube!! It is safe to use water and silicone based lubes. I also suggest using a condom, as the dildo can’t be sterilized.

The wonderful people at Pink Cherry Toys sent me the Silky, which is a pack and play dildo. This means you can stuff it in your pants, go out and then be ready to fuck without have to having to switch out dicks! The flexible inner rod allows you to bend it in multiple positions so you create a big bulge or a slightly less noticeable one. Depending on your style of pants, you may have a semi- erect look no matter how you place it. When you’re ready for a blow job or to have sex, just bend the Silky into the position you and your partner want.

With the large flared base, the Silky is harness compatible. The base is thick and has a rounded square shape so I prefer to use a simpler harness made of straps and an O-ring when packing in public. Besides the flared based making it great for harness use, it also makes it safe for anal penetration.

I love the realistic feel and look of this dildo…realistic minus the blue color. It is squishable to the grab test though a bit large to be taken as a flaccid cock. The raised veins and pronounced head add to the realism. Being bendable into many positions allows me to pack it right, left, up or down. The flexible rod also allows me to get it into the perfect angle for a partner! I have several packing dicks and one pack and play. I find it frustrating to have to change out cocks more often than not. The pack and play dildo I have, aside for the Silky, does not have a flexible and makes it look like I have a major hard on no matter how I place it in my boxer briefs. I feel the Silky is a good solution to the walking hard on issue. While I may still look semi-erect, it can also just be inferred I’m well hung!

The Silky from is extremely reasonably priced for a dildo, let alone a pack and play. If you can get over the fact that it doesn’t come in any natural skin tone colors, it is a great pack and play dick!

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**This product was provided free of charge by Sex Toys in exchange for my honest opinion**

About smokebelly

I'm just your average 32 year old guy with one exception..I was born with a female body. Yes folks, I'm a Female-to-Male transgender person. I started socially transitioning in 2008 and on December 28, 2010, I started my medical transition through Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): I take testosterone. I've never felt more my true self in my whole life...I finally feel ALIVE!!! I enjoy reading. Some of my favorite authors include Patricia Cornwell, Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Scottoline. One of my all-time favorite books is "The Leather Daddy and The Femme" by Carol Queen. It's an amazing story of a genderbending dyke who loves Leather Dadddies. Filled with queerness, kink, BDSM, and love. I like psychological thriller movies such as The Hannibal Lector series but I have to say my favorite movie is Strangeland about a sadistic internet predator who brings a world of torture to his victims. A very interesting look at something that could truly happen. I have a wonderful man in my life. He is a 2.5 years old Chihuahua named Samson. He loves to give everyone high fives! Samson is my little cuddlebug and is so much fun to have! Topics that interest me: gender, sex, kink, philosophy, religion, tattoos, piercings, the LGBTQ community, and many more. I may discuss these topics and they are always MY feelings and opinions. Happy reading!!

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  1. Thanks for this very thorough and well-thought out review of all the pros and cons!

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