Top Surgery Fundraiser

As many of you know, I’m a transgender man. I feel like I was born in the wrong body and am taking steps to correct that. I’ve been on hormone therapy for almost 3 years now. My next step is to get Top Surgery…removal of the breasts to create a male appearing chest. This surgery is not covered by my insurance. I will continue to save towards my goal. I have not yet picked a surgeon as I’m still researching who is the best fit for me. The surgery can range from $3500 (in Mexico) to $10,000 here in the US. I do have a surgeon in mind and that fee is approximately $6800. This doesn’t include travel to and from the surgeon as they are not located in my state, food for the week I have to stay there and incidental expenses that may come up such as bandages, straws, things of that nature.

I’ve been saving towards this goal for a while now but am reaching out to YOU for some help. Please share my link anywhere and everywhere that you can! That is all I truly ask of you!

Seth’s Fundraiser

Thank you everyone!!

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Review: ON Arousal Oil

Type: Arousal oil
Size: 5mL bottle
Ingredients: Proprietary Essential Oil Blend including: Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamomum Cassia, Natural Tocopherols (vitamin e); silica, Phenoxyethanol and Ethythexyglycerin, Rosemary oil extract
Price: $19.00

Pros: small bottle doesn’t “scream” sex item, edible, doesn’t contain menthol
Cons: contains glycerin, burning sensation, not safe to use with latex condoms

The bottle comes in a small black box with “on” in silver lettering with a hot pink square around the word. The bottle has a screw on/off top and has a nozzle similar to an eye drops bottle.

ON Arousal Oil, sent to me by Babeland, is an arousal oil for the clit, penis, nipples and any other erogenous zone! This oil is for use to increase sensation during masturbation and/or oral sex. Since it is oil based, do not use this with latex condoms…only use with polyurethane condoms. The directions say to apply 2 – 3 drops to the area of choice, allowing up to 2 minutes for the full effect to take action. The box says it will last up to 45 minutes and to reapply as often as desired.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle is it has a very strong cinnamon smell, which makes sense because Cinnamomum Cassia is one of the ingredients. I’m not a fan of cinnamon so this was not a good thing for me but I still tried it out! About 15 seconds after applying the oil to the head of my penis, I had an intense burning sensation. It was not pleasant for me at all. I tried to tough it out and see if the burning sensation lessened somewhat and would provide an arousal effect but it didn’t for me. I decided to go wash off and try it again another day. So, I waited a few days before trying ON Arousal Oil again. Unfortunately, on my 2nd trial, I received the same intense and unpleasant burning sensation. This product is a no go for me.

I did ask my friend, who is also my ex, to try this out and here is what C has to say: “I have to say I really enjoyed this product! The little black bottle looks quite a lot like an eye drops bottle so it could be easily carried and used wherever the mood may strike you. Just a couple of drops on my clit and within a few minutes I was beyond ready to go. It definitely heightened sensation and added to my orgasm. It also lasted a good while, the directions say to apply more after 45 min, and it was true to its word. The oil is very light and not at all sticky and uncomfortable. The only downside to this product for me was the smell, it is rather herbal and kind of perfumy for my tastes. Otherwise this is a definite keeper!!!”

**This product was provided free of charge by Babeland in exchange for my honest opinion.**

Review: Sex On The Go Intimate Arousal Wipe for Her

Type: Arousal wipe
Manufacturer: California Exotics
Size: 3 individually wrapped 6” x 5” wipes
Ingredients: water, propylene glycol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, euterpe oleracea (acai berry) fruit extract, punica granatum (pomegranate) extract, menthol, L-Arginine, polysorbate 20, triethanolamine, tetrasodium EDTA, citric acid, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben
Price: $3.99

Pros: travel ready, convenient, heightened sensitivity, price, made in the USA
Cons: contains parabens, chemical taste, burning sensation

You receive one box containing 3 individually wrapped wipes.

Sex On The Go Intimate Arousal Wipe for Her, sent to me by Pink Cherry Toys, is an arousal wipe for the clit. The wipes are infused with fruit extracts, acai berry and pomegranate, menthol, and L-Arginine. These ingredients increase blood flow and heighten the sensitivity of the vaginal tissue.

I decided to give these to a friend to try and tell me what she thought.

C’s thoughts on the Sex On The Go Intimate Arousal Wipe for Her: “These wipes are unarguably convenient in their handy take along packages that resemble a restaurant ‘wet-wipe’, but for me, that was one of the few pros of this product. The overall feeling for me was akin to accidentally rubbing a little bit of Vick’s vapor rub on your clit. Which isn’t surprising considering one of the main ingredients is menthol. That being said, they do provide a heightened sensitivity and that warm tingly feeling. The smell is also a little medicinal with the menthol, and I wouldn’t get your fingers anywhere near your mouth or eyes after handling these bad boys. So, if you enjoy a little bit of burn in your nether regions when you’re doing the dirty or if you need something that is easily portable for fun on the go then this product is for you. Otherwise I would go for something a little less harsh.”

Check out on :

**This product was provided free of charge by Sex Toys in exchange for my honest opinion**

Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica Virtual Book Tour

When I saw Sinclair Sexsmith’s posting for the Say Please virtual book tour and seeking reviewers, and then was accepted as one of the reviewers, I was beyond excited! I’m an avid reader and have a definite interest in BDSM. I read Mr. Sexsmith’s writings and appreciate the passion there. I knew Say Please would include a great collection of stories by writers who exude as much passion in their writing as Sinclair Sexsmith.

This book is composed of 23 erotic tales within the 232 pages. Each story drew me in and kept my attention…many left me wanting more!

Here’s a small taste from one of my favorite stories contained within the Say Please pages…it is the second story in the book.

First Ride by Wendi Kali
“Sara had only been with one other woman before me, so we talked a lot about the things she wanted to experiment with sexually. I was, of course, open to anything. During one of those late-night conversations, the subject turned to BDSM. She confessed that she had always wanted to be chained up, flogged, the fucked with a strap-on…I could feel her want as she gripped and stroked the inside of my thighs. She may have been scared, but it was clear that fear combined with the feel of my cock was making her hot and needy. I grabbed her hands and returned them to my stomach, the patted them as if to say, Patience, baby. Patience…The black leather flogger was heavy in my hand as I whipped it around in the air for a moment to let her know what was coming…I could see her knees get weak as the beating continued…Pulling my cock out and tightening up my harness, I let the tip of the cock tease her ass through her jeans. Her begging and squirming continued, and so did my teasing…Her ass sat on the fuel tank as she leaned back against the handlebars. I started to fuck her with a slow rhythm that gradually became faster and faster…’Yes, baby. Daddy, would love to take you on another ride.’”

First Ride left me wanting the story to continue. The dynamics between this butch and femme got me from the start. I must say I love a femme who wants cock, especially after being beaten. The scenery of a field, a femme chained to a motorcycle, whipped and then fucked just as she and  her butch wants opened some corners of my mind and I was able to picture it as it was happening. I would love to read about their second and third rides, etc!!

Each story is  intriguing! To read this story in full and all the others, you can purchase you own copy of Say Please…and you should!!

Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-57344-785-0
5 1/2 x 8, 232 pages

Say the magic word and fulfill your deepest desires for discipline and surrender, domination and submission, and the heightened sensations of BDSM play. One request opens up a fantasy world of classic dungeon scenes, bondage and restraint, floggers and spankings, sadism and masochism, very hot sex and so much more. True to form, Sexsmith queers classic gender dynamics, with a femme daddy in Alysia Angel’s “Feathers Have Weight,” and genderqueer bois who earn their right to flag black in Sassafras Lowrey’s “Black Hanky.” In “The Cruelest Kind,” Kiki DeLovely’s naughty narrator gets her just desserts from her butch in a back alley. D.L. King’s top makes her submissive strip before an unseen audience in “A Public Spectacle.” Face slapping can be a hard limit or the most delicious craving, as Rachel Kramer Bussel’s protagonist finds out in “A Slap in the Face.” Whether you dream of surrendering to a lover or of weilding your power, Say Please to the erotic inspiration within.

With contributed stories by Miriam Zoila Pérez, Wendi Kali, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Gigi Frost, BB Rydell, Amelia Thornton, Vie La Guerre, Sassafras Lowrey, Dusty Horn, Kiki DeLovely, Elaine Miller, Shawna Elizabeth, Sossity Chiricuzio, Meridith Guy, August InFlux, Maria See, D.L. King, Anna Watson, Dilo Keith, Sinclair Sexsmith, Alysia Angel, Xan West, and Elizabeth Thorne.

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Pleasurists Edition #171

Courtesy of Dangerous LillyWelcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. If you like what you see and want more of it be sure to follow the RSS Feed and Twitter for updates.

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Pleasurists adult product review round-up

Review: Silky Cyberskin Dildo in Blue

Type: Dildo
Manufacturer: Vibratex
Material: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)
Color: Blue
Price: $49.99

Pros: harness compatible, bendable, water and silicone based lube compatible, pack AND play
Cons: can’t be sterilized, lint magnet, lots of drag

Clear plastic box. The Silky comes in a plastic bag inside the box. It is not discreet but the box can be used for storage.

DO NOT BOIL!!! Use soap and water to clean. Store in a plastic bag to help keep lint and dust at bay.

The Silky is made of TPE, which is phthalate free and body safe. It has a very squishy feel to it. There is a flexible rod through the shaft of the dildo which allows it to be bent. The rod does not extend all the way through the head, it leaves about ½” at the end. There are raised veins and a it has bulbous head. The finish is matter which produces a lot of drag so be sure to use lots of lube!! It is safe to use water and silicone based lubes. I also suggest using a condom, as the dildo can’t be sterilized.

The wonderful people at Pink Cherry Toys sent me the Silky, which is a pack and play dildo. This means you can stuff it in your pants, go out and then be ready to fuck without have to having to switch out dicks! The flexible inner rod allows you to bend it in multiple positions so you create a big bulge or a slightly less noticeable one. Depending on your style of pants, you may have a semi- erect look no matter how you place it. When you’re ready for a blow job or to have sex, just bend the Silky into the position you and your partner want.

With the large flared base, the Silky is harness compatible. The base is thick and has a rounded square shape so I prefer to use a simpler harness made of straps and an O-ring when packing in public. Besides the flared based making it great for harness use, it also makes it safe for anal penetration.

I love the realistic feel and look of this dildo…realistic minus the blue color. It is squishable to the grab test though a bit large to be taken as a flaccid cock. The raised veins and pronounced head add to the realism. Being bendable into many positions allows me to pack it right, left, up or down. The flexible rod also allows me to get it into the perfect angle for a partner! I have several packing dicks and one pack and play. I find it frustrating to have to change out cocks more often than not. The pack and play dildo I have, aside for the Silky, does not have a flexible and makes it look like I have a major hard on no matter how I place it in my boxer briefs. I feel the Silky is a good solution to the walking hard on issue. While I may still look semi-erect, it can also just be inferred I’m well hung!

The Silky from is extremely reasonably priced for a dildo, let alone a pack and play. If you can get over the fact that it doesn’t come in any natural skin tone colors, it is a great pack and play dick!

Check out on :

**This product was provided free of charge by Sex Toys in exchange for my honest opinion**

Review: Sportsheets Sport Cuffs in Black

Type: Restraint Play
Manufacturer: Sportsheets
Material: neoprene, nylon, metal, velcro
Color: black
Price: $24.99

Pros: comfortable, removable clip makes it easy to change positions and/or locations, lightweight, versatility
Cons: chemical smell right out of package, concern of material where O-rings attach after long term use or rougher play

Clear plastic, clam shell. The insert has a picture of a woman with the cuffs on and a man behind her. The packaging states what the enclosed item is and that it’s for restraint play. It is obviously a sex toy. The back of the insert, it states the materials and available colors. It also shows the clip and says it’s easily moveable. The clam shell is pretty flimsy as mine cracked on the side not too long after receiving; it could be used as storage with extreme care. It is recyclable.

Wipe down with a damp cloth. They can easily be stored in a drawer though the Velcro may get stuck to some items.

The sport cuffs are made of a soft, cushy neoprene which warms to the body. The nylon and Velcro straps make it adjustable. Each cuff has a metal O-ring. One of the cuffs has a one sided clip therefore it will always be attached, even if you use the cuffs separate from each other. When the cuffs are connected to one another, there is approximately 4.75” between them…not too much room for movement, which is the point!! sent me the Sportsheets Sport Cuffs in black. While these are also available in purple and red, Pink Cherry Toys does not have these two colors. The cuffs are designed for the wrists and ankles and are fully adjustable through nylon and Velcro straps. I have super tiny wrists and have a difficult time finding anything that is small enough. However, these adjust to my wrist size perfectly AND are tight!! There is some excess to the Velcro straps but I’m thrilled they fit me! The neoprene material on the inside is what actually touches your body. It is soft and provides a small amount of cushion; it also warms to the body’s temperature.

The Sportsheets Sport Cuffs provide gentler ease the curious into this type of restraint play. For the more experienced BDSM folks, this is a softer cuff. I wouldn’t suggest these for extremely rough play as the materials don’t provide a totally inescapable experience. This may be a positive for those who are concerned with the inability to escape and/or beginners who are a little unsure.

I like the Sportsheets Sport Cuffs. They achieve a difficult task of fitting my wrists. I’m not a fan of metal cuffs as the rarely fit but they also leave bruises that are not acceptable in my professional life. I like the feel, fit and versatility of the Sport Cuffs. The fact they can be attached to each other or used separate is a big plus too!

Check out on :

**This product was provided free of charge by Sex Toys in exchange for my honest opinion**


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